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Crosswired Subscription

$ 7 Monthly
  • Unlimited standard eLearning courses
  • Access premium content at listed price
  • Join unlimited existing CROSSWIRED Team Sites for FREE
  • Participate in discussion forums and add community connections
  • Share your knowledge across multiple teams
  • Social media sharing

eLearning services to achieve organizational objectives

Access our team of expert consultants for peace of mind on learning projects today

  • Utilize our catalogue of 50 eLearning modules created on behalf of leading agencies
  • Digitize your existing training content to xAPI with speed and ease
  • Create new trainings or blend them with ours
  • Deliver training across geographical boundaries on-time and under budget

Connecting and equipping people for mission

  • Create, share and inspire your mission partners and supporters
  • Build your own catalogue quickly
  • Design courses easily
  • Track learner engagement
  • Leverage learning resources from world leading mission agencies