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Learner & Instructor Subscription

$ 7 Monthly
  • Unlimited standard eLearning courses (30 day expiry)
  • Access premium content at listed price
  • Join unlimited existing CROSSWIRED Team Sites for FREE
  • Pariticipate in discussion forums and add community connections
  • Share your knowledge across multiple teams
  • Social media sharing

Leader Subscription

+   $ 5 Monthly
  • Customized template team site with private catalogue .crosswired URL
  • Create your own content with our authoring tools
  • Co-host access your site for no extra cost
  • Create learning paths and set custom curriculum for your team (Coming Soon)
  • Track learning progress and mediate discussions with your learners

eLearning services to achieve organizational objectives

Access our team of expert consultants for peace of mind on learning projects today

  • Utilize our catalogue of 50 eLearning modules created on behalf of leading agencies
  • Digitize your existing training content to xAPI with speed and ease
  • Create new trainings or blend them with ours
  • Deliver training across geographical boundaries on-time and under budget

Connecting and equipping your people for mission

Need to formalize physical training and eLearning evaluations for your organization? The Crosswired platform offers learning management delivery for discerning organizations and teams!

  • Grade books and testing
  • Lesson and content delivery
  • Easy content authoring and course creation
  • Cross-agency resource sharing
  • Discussion groups, forums and easy interaction
  • Best practice security