Learner Subscription

  • Unlimited standard eLearning courses (30 day expiry)
  • Access premium content at listed price
  • UnlimitedJoin existing CROSSWIRED Team Sites for FREE
  • Discussion forums and community connections
  • Social media sharing
$7 Monthly
$15 Quarterly
$35 Yearly

Leader Subscription

  • Customized template team site with private catalogue .crosswired URL
  • Content creation tool license
  • Co-host access your site for no extra cost
  • Create learning paths and set custom curriculum for your team
  • Track learning progress and mediate discussions of your learners
$5 Monthly
$12 Quarterly
$25 Yearly

Instructor Subscription

  • Lead and learn across multiple teams
  • Author, upload and display your own content
  • Deliver your content via Physical classrooms, Virtual class, Webinar or E-learning course
  • Generate revenue by creating “Premium Content
  • Moderate discussion forums and interact with your supporters
$7 Monthly
$15 Quarterly
$35 Yearly